Peter Pan Would be lost without Hayley Podschun

"But really, Peter Pan would be flatfooted and feeble without Hayley Podschun's energetic swinging from the rafters.  In fact, the actress is pretty spot-on across the board, flawlessly nailing her singing, dancing, acting, and flying.  For the junior theatregoers Thursday, Podschun was the sun, the moon, and the stars." -Niagara Frontier

Dazzling Glinda ensures a bewitching “Wicked”

“Captivating Glinda.”, “While Podschun’s expressive soprano is a consistent delight, i’ll be remembering the sound of her silence, as Glinda’s face drops upon first registering how alone she has made Elphaba feel. When Glinda then quietly joins Elphaba on the dance floor, the sweet music they make together cuts through all the noise keeping them apart. It gave me goosebumps.” - Mike Fischer, Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee)

Theater Review: RBTL’s “Wicked” | Theater | Rochester City Newspaper

“Podschun nails the infectiously bubbly energy that the role of Glinda requires”. - Adam Lubitow, City Newspaper (Rochester)

WICKED Tour Flies High, Defying Gravity, Touching Our Hearts Forever | Buzz Belmont: The Critic’s Critic | a blog

“Wicked” grandiose but also character-driven - South Bend Tribune

“Lively and almost always moving, often with giant gestures and exaggerated preening, Podschun plays the spoiled-rich girl Glinda with superb comic timing and infection so that Glinda’s narcissistic and unintentionally funny lines are both humorous and credible.

But Podschun also makes Glinda’s transformation satisfying with the self-assurance and commanding moral weight she brings to her confrontation with the wizard.

As with her movements, Podschun’s colorful, high soprano voice adds vibrancy to such songs as “Popular” and “One Short Day”, while the finale of the initially satirical “Thank Goodness” has depth as Podschun injects sorrow into her delivery to make the song about the true cost of happiness.” Andrew S. Hughes (South Bend Tribune)

Democrat and Chroncle: What’s Up Roc

“Her nemesis, as played by Podschun, is a giant bubble of warmth with a voice of an angel and comedic brilliance the leaves an indelible imprint. She could easily walk off with the entire show, all the way to Kansas and beyond.” - Marcia Morphy (What’s Up Roc - Rochester)

Broadway’s meticulous “Wicked” electrifies its Kansas City audience -

“Of chief interest in this production to local audiences is the presence of Hayley Podschun, an experienced Broadway actress who grew up in Overland Park. I’d never seen Podschun in a principal role before and she delivers a superior comic performance, full of spontaneous moments and inventive surprises. She exhibits a sharp instinct for physical humor and possesses a stunning voice.” - Robert Trussell (KC Star, Kansas City)

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09/08 - Reviews from Sacramento Music Circus’ Hairspray

“Tracy’s best friend, Penny Singleton, is played by Hayley Podschun. It’s a small supporting role, but Podschun is delightful as the fun-loving, if not overly bright, best-friend whose most endearing characteristics are her love and loyalty.” - The Enterprise

06/08 - Review in

“The stand-outs in the cast, however, are Hayley Podschun as ‘Penny’ and her forbidden love, Alan Mingo Jr. as ’Seaweed’. Granted, these two roles are some of the best written supporting characters an actor could ask for, but Hayley and Alan didn’t just play their characters, they truly lived and loved them. Judging from the applause on opening night, the crowd did too!”. -

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