New York Theatre Guide-’I Married An Angel’

“when Hayley Podschun appears, everyone else fades from view. She really livens up the joint. She’s a fabulous singer; she’s funny; she dances; she gives as good as she gets.”

“with costars Hayley Podschun and Phillip Attmore stealing the spotlight whenever they're onstage, and leading a tremendous first-act tap number that I could have watched over and over. “-David Gordon

New York Stage Review-’I Married An Angel’

"Hayley Podshun is a total knockout as the out-of-place American who sings the two big songs.”

TheaterMania-Holiday Inn is Open For Business

“But Podschun is the heart and humor of Jim and Linda’s blossoming romance tamping down the shticky 1940’s Hollywood character embellishments and letting her beautiful soprano shine through.”-TheaterMania

‘Holiday Inn’

“Podschun is sweetly beguiling as Linda and her silvery soprano bring just the right luster to her songs…and she’s quite a hoofer.”-Simon Seez

‘Holiday Inn’ Now Open

“Podschun’s pure tone gave me every nuance of each song and her clear, beautiful voice was soon-on perfect.”-Q On Stage

‘Holiday Inn’ Open for Business at the Paper Mill Playhouse

“Ms.Podschun is the show’s treasure”-New York Theatre Wire

‘Holiday Inn’ pure Paper Mill Razzle Dazzle Delight

“The Performers are marvelous. Now, here she comes…the spunky, lovely daughter of the past owner, Linda Mason. Played, naturally, by the spunky, lovely, fine voiced, Hayley Podschun.”-New Jersey Footlights

Wall Street Journal-'Royal Family of Broadway'

"As for the cast, Harriet Harris is a deservedly well-known quantity on Broadway and was born to play Fanny, but her lesser-known colleagues, in particular, Ms.Podschun and Mr.Shively, are no less delightful..."-Wall Street Journal

'The Royal Family of Broadway' is full of eye-candy

"Podschun was a breath of fresh air as the young, spritely Gwen, and her scenes with A.J. Shively, as her fiancé Perry, were full of joy – they had wonderful chemistry."-

'The Royal Family of Broadway'

"Also, a stand-out, was Hayley Podschun, who not only has a superb voice but is an excellent dancer especially when partnering with Mr. Shively in numbers like "Baby Let's Stroll"."-BroadwayWorld

'Wicked' remains a must-see

"Podschun produces the perfect amount of bat-$#!@ crazy, epileptic, narcissistic, I-want-what-she’s-having quality the Glinda character in “Wicked” requires. But we learn that she also has the capacity to change thanks for Elphaba’s unwillingness to. Elphaba knows who she is, while Glinda’s character makes a full transformation — from solipsism to unselfishness."-My San Antonio

'Wicked' grandiose but also character-driven

"Podschun plays the spoiled-rich-girl Glinda with superb comic timing and inflection so that Glinda’s narcissistic and unintentionally funny lines are both humorous and credible.  But Podschun also makes Glinda’s transformation satisfying with the self-assurance and commanding moral weight she brings to her confrontation with the Wizard.  As with her movements, Podschun’s colorful, high soprano voice adds vibrancy to such songs as “Popular” and “One Short Day,” while the finale of the initially satirical “Thank Goodness” has depth as Podschun injects sorrow into her delivery to make the song about the true cost for happiness."-South Bend Tribune

Wicked returns with wonderful leading ladies

"The talent of this production's two leading ladies is impossible to deny. Both are tremendous singers and have terrific comic timing...And look, memory can be selective when it comes to this kind of thing, but it's hard to believe we've seen a funnier Galinda than Podschun in Cleveland. At worst, she's as good as any of them, getting big laugh after big laugh as she owns every one of her well-written one-liners, mispronunciations and ditzy moments. It is simply a joy to spend a couple of hours with her."-News Herald"

Wicked is Magically Bewitching

"Hayley Podschun is adorable and entirely lovable as Glinda. She expertly traverses the arc from spoiled rich girl to seasoned politician. Hayley Podschun's Glinda is just as sparkly and effervescing as her gowns, capturing our hearts with each frilly, ebullient movement and utterance. She builds a fabulously rousing chemistry with Jennifer DiNoia's Elphaba. Their friendship and bond is completely genuine and stunning, making moments like the end of "Dancing Through Life" radiantly beautiful. Morevoer, Hayley Podschun showcases her astounding soprano instrument with this score. She flies into the stratosphere with ethereal lightness that is supported with exceptional strength in "No One Mourns the Wicked" and the "Finale." She digs deep and sumptuously lands on each of the lower alto notes in "I'm Not That Girl (Reprise)." Hayley Podschun's take on "Popular" is delightfully animated and cheerful, and her renditions of "Thank Goodness" and "For Good" are exquisite."

'Wicked' at Playhouse Square

"DiNoia and Podschun fulfill every criteria superbly, flawlessly stepping into the roles defined on Broadway by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, respectively. Podschun is perky and positive, with a pure, clear voice that shines from the hopeful "Thank Goodness" to her wicked strut through the cheeky "Popular."

Peter Pan is a joyous journey

"It was cute, but the show didn’t take off until Peter Pan, played by Hayley Podschun, sprung through the children’s nursery window sprinkling silver pixie dust as he flew.  A smile spread across my face, and it didn’t leave until the curtains closed.  Podschun brought to life the boyish wonder and playfulness Peter Pan embodies. By the fourth song of Act I, “I’m Flying,” the audience really gets to see Peter’s flying capability as he bounds from wall to wall of the nursery doing flips and jumps."

Carefree Peter Pan Soars at ArtPark

"Hayley Podschun plays Peter. Imagine a delightful cross between Debbie Reynolds with a bit of Tammy Grimes, and you get an idea of the charm and innocence that Podschun brings to the role. Ms. Podschun has Broadway credentials and recently toured the country as Glinda in the National Tour of WICKED. Her strong vocals and dance skills allowed her to place her own stamp on this well known character."

Peter Pan will leave audiences with "happy thoughts"

"Technically speaking, these scenes would not be possible without a harness, extensive rigging and a crackerjack backstage team.  But, really, Peter Pan would be flatfooted and feeble without Hayley Podschun's energetic swinging from the rafters.  In fact, the actress is pretty spot-on across the board, flawlessly nailing her singing, dancing, acting and flying.  For the junior theatergoers Thursday, Podschun was the sun, the moon and the stars." -Niagara Frontier Publications

Holiday Inn

"Hayley Podschun, as Jim and Ted’s female partner, Lila Dixon, demonstrates she can keep up with the boys in the singing, dancing, and acting departments."

Holiday Inn

"The squeaky-voiced Podschun is a hoot as the flighty Lila in the mold of Guys and Dolls' Miss Adelaide."-TheatreMania

OMG, this is Legally Blonde

"Podschun as Elle is also far more vivacious than Reese Witherspoon, sure we all the love the starlet but something about Podschun is just more perky, trim, and fun. To top it all off, she sings wonderfully. But her true star quality lies in her sense of delivery. Every line whether comedic, dramatic or somewhere in the spectrum is delivered with such honesty. You want her to succeed." -303Magazine

Arvada Center's Legally Blonde Has Bend and Snap

"The weight of the show almost entirely sits on the shoulders of the actress starring as the main character, Elle Woods, played in this production by Hayley Podschun. Her voice is stellar – a requirement for such a power role. She also does a fine job bringing out the innocence and sweetness in the character, which could easily have fallen into a ditzy stereotype."-MileHigh Critics

Peter Pan at Papermill Playhouse

"In supporting roles, the golden-haired Hayley Podschun makes for a cute and effusive Wendy -- and also portrays the older, wiser Wendy in the musical's final scene"-TheatreMania

Dance Spirit Cover Girl

When Hayley Podschun sweeps into the room for Dance Spirit's photo shoot, it's like a breath of fresh air. Like Tammy, the character she plays in the Broadway musical Hairspray, 20-year-old Hayley is bubbly and full of energy. As we start to photograph her, it's hard to decide what's more striking: her personality or her professionalism. When we ask her to pose, she has a lineup of choices prepared and out of the 100 frames, there are only five we can't use. She's having a great time, and at the end of it all she wants a candid shot of everyone. My first magazine photo shoot! she declares. and I want a picture to send to my mom.